Monday, May 21, 2007


So, I've finished the Once Upon a Time challenge-completed The Ladies of Grace Adieu this weekend. I'm not in the mood to review it yet-I'll just say that it was an awesome read.

I just can't seem to settle on any books right now. I'm started Roth's Everyman, since I read Vonnegut earlier in the term. I'm a third of the way through East, West, a story collection by Salman Rushdie; this is part of my continued quest to read all of Rushdie's works. And I'm a little over a hundred pages into Ishiguro's The Unconsoled, which I chose since I loved, loved Remains of the Day. But as you can tell, none of them are grabbing me.

I just got Freakonomics-maybe I'll start that one. Until then, I just can't seem to committ to anything. *sigh* I wish a book would leap out and grab me!

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acquisitionist said...

Maybe you can't settle on something because the last one was so good - that sometimes happens to me. Freakonomics looks awesome though.