Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Famous Last Words

Remember how I said that R.I.P. II would be my last challenge? Well, then I visited Incurable Logophilia, and saw that the "Reading the Author" challenge is up. It starts in September and goes through 2007. You pick one author and read at least three books written by him/her. And I've decided to pick Neil Gaiman.

Why? A number of reasons...

1) I own all of his novels (and his first ss collection) except for American Gods and Coraline. This is a good excuse to plug that hole.

2) I've read all of the books I picked except for Sandman and Coraline. So, most of the challenge will be an excuse to indulge in rereading one of my favourite authors.

3) This is a good chance to try out this type of challenge on an old favourite. If it goes well, I'll try it out with other authors (short list? Walter Scott, Virginia Woolf, Toni Morrison).

And while we're on the subject of book lists, here're the short story collections that will furnish my Spooky Story Marathon end to the R.I.P. II challenge on Halloween:
The Blackstone Chronicles by John Saul
Haunted by Joyce Carol Oates
Magic Terror by Peter Straub
Strange Highways by Dean Koontz
and my personal favourite...The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales ed. Chris Baldick.

Am I certifiable? Perhaps. But I figure I might as well shoot high! I can always cut back on my non-fic reading. ;)


Matt said...

I am almost certainly decided upon reading Neil Gaiman. I'm glad to have a partner in crime! Unlike you, my only experience with Gaiman so far is Stardust and the short amount of American Gods I read. But I always hear so much good about his books and I keep adding them to my TBR list so I'm excited to get started!

Chris said...

Yay for indulging in Neil Gaiman! Great idea ;) Looks like you have some great choices for your Halloween marathon as well. And if you're certifiable, well I'm right there with you!

Nymeth said...

Neil Gaiman is my favourite author, so I'm glad you picked him. I look forward to your thoughts on those books.

I really love his novels, but I still think that Sandman is the best thing he's ever done. It's also the darkest, so it will be perfect for around Halloween! I think I might revisit a few Sandman stories around that period myself.

Heather (errantdreams) said...

I wanted to participate in that one, but then I kind of got a flood of review books, so I think I will avoid putting any more challenges in front of myself!

iliana said...

Another challenge?! You are crazy :) I think it's awesome actually. I like your list of books for the RIP Challenge. I have not read a John Saul book in ages. Have fun with your challenges!

Petunia said...

I just joined. My author is Edith Wharton, one of my favorites. These challenges are so tempting it can be hard to resist. One needs super-human strength at times.

Dewey said...

Hey, maybe I can join you and Matt! I was thinking of picking Gaiman, too. Partly because I have three of his books picked out for other challenges, and partly because I want to finish the Sandman series.

Eva said...

Matt, glad to have a partner! It'll be fun to compare notes. :) Most of the books on the list I've read so long ago I barely remember them.

Chris, maybe there's a group discount on strait jackets? ;)

Nymeth, me too! Always good to meet fellow Gaiman lovers (worshippers/etc). I haven't ever read Sandman (this is going to sound awful, but until I started blogging, I thought graphic novels were sexually explicit ones), but I'll plan it around Halloween.

Heather, admirable self restraint. :) Reviewing books professionally must be neat (I was going to say fun, but then I thought about the bad ones).

Iliana, thanks for the good wishes! I hadn't heard of John Saul before, but I hope he's good!

Petunia, love Wharton! Agreed on the super-human strength thing, and it's not my forte.

Dewey, awesome! We'd have a little Gaiman club. :) I'll be looking forward to your decision.

verbivore said...

I'm so glad you're joining in the fun and I'm equally glad there are so many people reading Neil Gaiman - I'm extremely curious to hear what you will all have to say. I've never read anything by him.

Booklogged said...

Your are definitely certifiable! And so am I. The way I see it we could be doing something damaging to ourself and others, but we choose to read! Hey, things could be worse, right?

Haven't decided yet who will be my author for the challenge. You will love the 2 Gaiman's you haven't read yet. Sandman is my favorite.

J.S. Peyton said...

I never read a Gaiman book and I've always wanted to. I'd really like to join you and Matt on that challenge but I fear I'd never be able to keep up! You guys are crazy! So many challenges, and I can barely finish my one! Actually, I even you. If I weren't such a slow reader I'd be right there with you. : )

By the bye, this must be incredibly late coming, but love the new look!

Eva said...

Verbivore, You should definitely read Gaiman when you have the time! Thanks for hosting the challenge. :)

Booklogged, have fun picking your author! It's nice to have company in the madhouse. ;)

J.S. Peyton, I'm glad you like the new look! I think next year I might declare the "slow reading" year where I really savour the reading. Sometimes I think I whip through and miss some of the important stuff.