Monday, August 27, 2007

Potpourri of Thoughts

+I really need to do a review of Books on Books: I've recently completed both A Gentle Madness and How Reading Changed My Life. They were very different, in both length (80 pages v. 500+) and content. But both interesting.

+I'm trying to figure out how I feel about The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon by Richard Zimler. I just finished it after a marathon session; I realised that if I didn't force myself to read it to the end, I'd never finish. I think I'm going to let the story ferment in my mind for awhile.

+I'm putting together a pile of September's books, inspired by Danielle over at A Work in Progress. It should be a fun stack, considering all of the challenges that begin!

+I've thought of a supplement to the R.I.P. II challenge: marathon scary-story reading on October 31st. I have a list of short story collections available at my library that I'll post. Somehow, I think SS work a little better than novels for a marathon!

+I've decided to modify my personal non-fic challenge: instead of seven books/month, I'll read six books/month and completely read The Economist every week. I love it, and I've been neglecting it lately! Also, and this is super-cool, they're providing a free audio version of the complete magazine every week. So I can listen to it while I do yoga! (side note: I know that a lot of people do yoga for the meditative benefits, and listening to the news during Downward Dog sounds sacreligious, but I do yoga to help my muscles, and sometimes I get bored)

That about sums up what's going through my head right now. That, and when did August slip away?!


Lindsay said...

Eva - you visited Books Do Furnish A Room, glad to see you, come back often. I'm returning the compliment, and I shall key an eye on your blog, it looks great. Read something a bit more positve (also short and beautifully written) if you feel strong enough: Primo Levi's Moments of Reprieve, its wonderful.

Read well, Lindsay

Dorothy W. said...

I'd be interested in your review of Books on Books; I've got A Gentle Madness on my shelves (although I'm a bit intimidated by its length), but I haven't heard of the other one.

Dewey said...

I'm planning a marathon reading challenge for October, but not for the 31st. Just in case you're interested in joining!

Books on books are the BEST. My library keeps them all on a separate shelf along with books about what to read next, etc.

Imani said...

I've been wondering where August went too. Can't believe it's already September! I like that idea of the book pile for next month. Mine should be quite precarious.

Chris said...

Ooh, marathon scary story reading on Halloween! What a great idea! I think I may join you on that one ;) I'm sure I'll be busy trying to finish all of my challenge books as it is.

iliana said...

Oh please post a picture of your September stack :)
Can't wait to hear about the short story collection you'll do as a bonus for the RIP Challenge. I really want to do a bonus book for that one but I don't want to get overwhelmed.

Eva said...

Lindsay, such politeness! I'll definitely be visiting your blog again-it's gorgeous. I'll put Levi on my list; perhaps early next year I'll be ready for him. :) I've heard good things about him.

Dorothy, it'll be up tomorrow or *maybe* later tonight (today's one of my loong days with the baby).

Dewey, what kind of marathon challenge? I'll have to get a list from you of good books on books-these were my first two. :)

Imani, do post a pic of your book pile! I love seeing them. :) And glad I'm not the only one that misplaced August.

Chris, yay! I hope you have the time to join. :) I think that this R.I.P. II challenge is taking on a life of its own, at least for me!

Iliana, I'll post that list soon! And the picture. :)