Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another One for the TBR List

Now, I desperately want to get my hand on Randall Jarrell's Book of Stories . This quote was on A Different Stripe.

There are many more sorts of stories than there are sizes. Epics; ballads; historical or biographical or autobiographical narratives, letters, diaries; myths, fairy tales, fables; dreams, daydreams, humorous or indecent or religious anecdotes; all those stories that might be called specialized or special case—science fiction, ghost stories, detective stories, Westerns, True Confessions, children’s stories, and the rest; and, finally, ‘serious fiction’.... For there are all kinds of beings, and all kinds of things happen to them; and when you add to these what are essential to the writer, the things that don’t actually happen, the beings that don’t actually exist, it is no wonder that stories are as varied as they are.

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Stephanie said...

The problem with reading all these book blogs is the fact that my TBR list keeps growing and growing!