Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How Cool is this?

Mood: You're a bit of a romantic and have a taste for the exotic. You love feeling the sea breeze in your hair, sun on your skin... Slip those shoes off... You like to kick back. When it comes to art, you have a traditional and anthropological eye. You appreciate the history of a piece, the stories that it holds - you are a touch sentimental! As for music, you're a discerning listener - romantic and passionate. You love the buzz you get from watching music live - there's nothing like it. Your choice of treat shoes that you really care about your appearance, if you feel good on the outside, you'll feel good on the inside, right?

Fun: You really value your 'quiet time' - to recharge, and reconnet with yourself. You're not afraid to take yourself away from people and explore your imagination. For kicks you like to indulge in your great passions. You are probably happy spending time alone, and drive and curiousity will take you all over the world. When it comes to holidays, you see them as the perfect chance to furhter yourself - to learn more about the world around you. You like to be immersed in a completely different world and would be really bored just sitting on a beach. What grosses you out? You like things to be clean, neat and smelling sweet - that's not too much to ask ... is it?

Habits: Even if you have a healthy approach to life, you still have your little vices that keep you going. It is all part of the routine, you're a creature of habit. Your choice of drink reflects your love of stability and comfort of routine. As for the home, you have a very cool and contemporary taste and see yourself as a bit of a trend setter. You like your surroundings to be simple and as stylish as you.

Love: You're a real home soul. You care deeply about family life and all that comes with it, the love between a parent and child is so special. When you think of freedom - you think of living for the here and now. You're pretty fearless and take any opporunity given to you.

Thanks to Lesley's Book Nook for the link!

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