Monday, March 5, 2007


Whew. Just finished my term paper for international economics, so I let myself post again. :)

During breaks yesterday (Sunday), I went through the NYT book dispatch. My favorite article was "Confessions of a Book Abuser" by Ben Schott. Despite the distracting baby Ralph Lauren ads playing in my margin, I enjoyed knowing that I'm not the only one who doesn't mind getting a little rough with her books! In fact, Schott and I have the same dog-earing method: top corner for 'bookmark,' bottom corner for notable passages. :D I highly recommend the article: you can go here to read it, but you'll have to either sign in or sign up for a free NYT account. It's worth the minute or two out of your day. :D

Now that I have escpated the cloud of one term paper at least, you can expect some more reviews! I want to review all three of my most recent reads, two of which are non-fic!

February was a very heavy reading month for me: I was very sick for at least half the month, so that gave me a lot of empty hours to fill. 14 books in a 28 day month certainly isn't bad! If I keep up this level of reading, I'm going to have read almost as many books by June as I read last year! We;ll see: I have my doubts, though. I don't really plan on being out of commission for another two weeks any time soon.

I've been keeping up with my fellow bloggers, and dovegreyreader's latest entry has me adding another author to the TBR list: Tan Twang Eng. And, I'll probably add Andre Brink's Rumours of Rain and Alan Hollinghurst while I'm at it. In Tan Twang Eng's interview, he referenced these as his favaorite authors, along with Rushdie and Isihguro. I'm a long-time fan of Rushdie (I've read almost every book in his canon) and a new, very enthusiastic convert to Ishiguro (see my Feb entry on Remains of the Day), so I suspect I'll love the other authors as well.

That's about it for now. Oh: the classics challenge is over, and congrats to all the winners, Alyson, Lotus, Melanie, Bookfool, and Petunia!!! Looks like I have a couple new blogs to check out. ;) I went to Petunia's site, and found the 1001 books to read before you die list. I think it's very arbitrary and America/England-centered. That being said, I've read 110 of them. Not too bad!


iliana said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge! I only read one. How terrible is that. Oh well. I will check out that article at NYT - sounds good. Oh and which is your favorite Rushdie? I admit I've had a hard time getting into his books.

Bookfool said...

14 books, wow! Excellent month, but sorry you were sick.

I loved The Remains of the Day but hated the other Ishiguro book I read, A Pale View of Hills. However, while in Off-Square Books in Oxford, MS, I had a lovely chat about Ishiguro with the clerk and he told me Never Let Me Go is a must read.

Thanks for the congrats. I was most surprised to win something in the Classics Challenge!!! I'll have to peek at Petunia's blog, thanks for that, too. :)

Melanie said...

Now I want to check out the 1001 list also, even though lists are so arbitrary. I make enough of my own arbitrary ones! I was quite surprised to win something in the Classics challenge too; I think it's the 1st thing I've ever won.:)

I'm really intrigued by your wide-ranging reading suggestions, thanks for sharing all the varied things you've read.