Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Back!

Spring Break was really nice (when isn't a week in San Antonio nice?), but there was no computer access. So, here's an updated list:

+ I've listed my non-fic challenge books: let me know if you've read any!

+ the long-awaited review of The Black Book and Palace Walk

+ The blogger-previously-known-as-superfastreader is now under the Reading is My Super Power link, and the blog is working again. Yay!

+ I'm almost done w/ my first non-fic challenge, Night Draws Near, and I'm very impressed. I've avoided all books about Iraq until now, and Shadid handles the topic with grace and erudition. Unfortunately, I didn't get to start Marquez during break: w/ a one-year-old niece, I was much too busy playing!

+ I did 'read' two complete and two half books during the looong drives, thought. Unabridged audiobooks are glorious. I, Coriander might just be my favorite book of the year. Our Lady of the Forest was enjoyable, especially coming from a Catholic background. And I'm half-way through Alice in Wonderland and The Geographer's Library. I don't know how I'm ever going to catch up on reviews!

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iliana said...

Welcome back from Spring Break. I have read Midnight in the Garden and I found it a bit slow going but interesting. I'm curious on your thoughts on The Geographer's Library.