Saturday, April 7, 2007

Looking Back

Winter in Summary

A fourth of 2007 is already over. Since winter technically runs from Dec 22-March 22, I'm loosely describing this quarter as such. It's time to look at my reading and blogging!

Total: 37
Non-Fic: 10
Audio: 8
New Authors: 29
Women Authors: 17
African Lit: 0
East Asian Lit: 3
Auto/Bios Read: 1
Five Star Books: 6
One or Two Star Books: 6

Reviews Published: 18
Entries Made: 43
Challenges Completed: 1
Challenges Participated In: 3

So, things aren't looking too bad. I've kept both of my blogging resolutions. As far as reading resolutions, I've recorded all books read and read more East Asian literature. I need to up my African lit and auto/biography reading. My fic:nonfic ratio is 27:10, or about 3:1. This isn't near the 3:2 goal I set for myself, so I'll need to work harder on that. Still, I'm pleased with how I've spent the winter reading. I enjoyed the vast majority of the books that I read (84%). And that's the most important thing!

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