Sunday, April 29, 2007


+ I changed one of my Chunkster Challenges. Instead of reading Lonesome Dove, I read Ilium. I think it's a fair swap, because Ilium was also very long and also in a genre that I don't read (albeit sci-fi instead of westerns). I read it on the basis of a friend's rec-look for my thoughts soon.

+Super exciting news-Hermione Lee (whose glorious bio of Virginia Woolf I read) has a new biography out-Edith Wharton. I adore Wharton, so opening my NYT Book Update to that made my day!

+My reading list for Reading Across Borders is undergoing a slight change as well. Instead of Street of Crocodiles, I'm reading Naomi. My library lost its copy of Street of Crocodiles, which makes me upset, but Naomi seems like it'll be a good read. It's been described as the Japanese Lolita.

+I've slowed down in my reading, which is probably a good thing. After all, I do have to attend to real life sometimes!

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Bybee said...

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the Wharton biography. I just bought "The Custom Of The Country". She's so good. Often, Henry James is considered superior, but Wharton could kick his literary butt all over the place.