Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

I was so excited to post on my bookpiles of TBR on September 1st. And then what happened? Yesterday seemed to slip away...

+my sister's in town, so that's super fun

+I got a great new hair cut!

+we run a lot of errands

+we watched a couple movies

Thus, the piles come to you a day late. I've divided them up into fic and non-fic-apologies for the bad lighting. For some reason, my overhead light refuses to turn on, and it's dark outside, so the only alternative is a flash. :)

Here're the plans for this month's non-fic, from top to bottom (all for my personal non-fic challenge):
Death at the Priory by James Ruddick: it's as close to cozy English mystery novel I can get to and still be reading truth. I've been looking forward to this for months!
Fast Food Nation by Eric Sclosser: I think it'll be an interesting read (I'm already a vegetarian, so I'm not sure how much it'll affect my eating habits); I'd like to get it done this month so I can get it back on bookmooch, and let someone else read it.
Reason For Hope by Jane Goodall: I plan on reading one memoir/biography a month, and I thought this one would be a good antidote to all of the creepy fiction I'll be reading!
Stiff by Mary Roach: after the disappointing Spook, I'm not expecting much the second go-round. I'd like to get this read so it can get back on book mooch as well. Plus, it seems very appropriate for the R.I.P. II challenge!
The Persian Puzzle by Kenneth Pollack: a continuation from last months' reading. I'm enjoying it, but the tiny print makes it a slower read.
Making War to Keep Peace by Jeane Kirkpatrick. I read about this in the NYT book review this weekend, and my library had a copy. Considering that I did a huge research project my senior of college on peace keeping, I think it'll be fun to read what Kirkpatrick has to say. :)

Now for the dessert side of this month's reading: fiction! Once again taking it from the top...

A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters: one of my Unread Authors challenge selections. I think I'll be in the mood for a mystery at some point, and I've heard good things about this series. :)
Seven Gothic Tales by Isak Dinesen: one of my R.I.P. II choices. Don't you love the Gothic type font?! Very excited about this!
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman: a reread for the Reading the Author challenge. I'm looking forward to revisiting this; I haven't read it in a couple of years.
Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury: another R.I.P. II book, which I started last night (after midnight). I'm already entranced.
The Ghost Writer by John Harwood: I'm not sure if I'll get to this one this month or next (it's another R.I.P. II selection), but look at the creepy spine. How could I not include it in the pile?
The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen: for the Outmoded Authors Challenge. I'm excited to visit Ireland in the prewar years, on a plantation no less; it'll be a new experience for me!
Embers by Sandor Marai: for my personal Reading Across Borders challenge; this is a Hungarian novel. I love Vintage Press-their books are always so pretty. :)
The War of the Saints by Jorge Amado: a carryover from last month (I'm about a third of the way through), and another Reading Across Borders choice. So far, I'm loving it! Its happiness and hope is a good antidote to the spookier books.
Mariette in Ecstasy by Ron Hansen: for the Book to Movie challenge. I ILLed it, so I have to finish it by October 4th. It sounds interesting: a nun at a convent shows signs of, well, ecstasy. Is it real?
Witches Brew: my already-discussed source for the Sunday Short Story aspect of R.I.P. II (expect my first post later today). I probably won't finish it this month; I'll try to spread it evenly over the whole challenge.

Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about my goals for this month! Well, I'm off to read more Bradbury; I'm only reading it at night, so as not to ruin the great writing with bright sunshine. Happy Labour Day weekend to all my fellow Americans. :)


Nymeth said...

Such great looking piles of books!

I've heard good things about Stiff, but I remember your review of Spook and the problems you had with it put me off too. But maybe this one will be a bit better. At any rate, it is indeed very appropriate for RIP.

I love both Neverwhere and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Can't wait to read your thoughts on those!

verbivore said...

Looks like a stack of really interesting books. I'm curious to read your reaction to Elizabeth Bowen - I haven't read her either but have wanted to try her out.

Sam Houston said...

Wow, Eva, you are really ambitious this month. That's a chunk of reading hours if I've ever seen one. Good reading to you...get busy. :-)

Petunia said...

That's a lot of books. And many of them look so enticing. Your reading life will be exciting this month.

I picked up Witches Brew today from the library. Looking forward to reading it a bit at a time.

Framed said...

"Stiff" is the perfect title for the R.I.P Challenge. I hope it turns out to be a good read. I'm excited to be reading "Neverwhere" and "Ghost Writer" as well. The rest of these titles look great. I'm sure after reading your reviews, that I will be adding more to my TBR list.

Danielle said...

Oh, lots of good books. I really liked Fast Food Nation. I used to be a vegetarian and wouldn't mind being one now, but my family is full of serious carnivores, so it is easier to just go with the crowd. The book does open your eyes a bit and make you never want to eat fast food ever again, though!

danielle said...

Oh, lots of good books. I really liked Fast Food Nation. I used to be a vegetarian and wouldn't mind being one now, but my family is full of serious carnivores, so it is easier to just go with the crowd. The book does open your eyes a bit and make you never want to eat fast food ever again, though!

Christopher said...

I read Fast Food Nation after I had already abstained from meat, but would go to Taco Bell to get food on the go and would substitute beans instead of meat. Then I read FFN and was sickened, everything from the way animals are horribly treated to the migrant workers who do the dirty work.

Danielle, you should stick up for principles over convenience.

Eva said...

Nymeth, I'm hoping Stiff will be better! I'll let you know. :) I'm sure you'll be excited to know that I'll be reviewing Coraline next. As a hint to my enjoyment, I'm now considering naming a daughter Coraline. ;)

Verbivore, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm trying to temper my excitement so I'm not disappointed, but it's challenging!

Sam, I have enough free time to (hopefully) fit in the reading hours. But I will have to be busy!

Petunia, I'm so excited that you'll be posting about Witches' Brew as well. It feels, so, well, community spirit-ish. If you know what I mean!

Framed, I'm glad we have some overlap! It'll be fun to talk book with each other.

Danielle, I don't really eat fast food, at least not from the huge chains. I do love Taco Cabana (a Texan Mexican chain that's slooowly moving north); now that I live in CO, I go to La Casita for my 99 cent taco fix. :) Re: family carnivores, my dad is a hunter, so once a year we have a freezer full of deer and elk meat. Fortunately, my mom only eats chicken, and my sister used to be a vegetarian as well, so he's in the minority. I became a veggie when I was 16, and I just cooked my own meals. I still cook a lot of meals when I'm at home (I love to do it, and my mom doesn't), so then my dad has to either be vegetarian or make his own meat. lol

Christopher, I've heard so many horror stories about Taco Bell. Ever since I was little. They do have a great marketing strategy though!

Sarah said...

Great selection of books! I really liked Fast Food Nation and I stand in awe of the number of books you are attempting this month. You will definitely be busy! (I think the next time I make book lists I'll have to include a picture--I quite like being able to see the piles looming...)

Eva said...

Sarah, doesn't the picture make it more fun? I shamelessly stole the idea from Danielle over at A Work in Progress. So many people have praised Fast Food Nation that I'm really looking forward to it now. :)