Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Quick Check In

I haven't been able to post much....funny how ten relatives in town, graduating from college, moving across the country, and living with your 16 month-old niece will have that effect. :)

I've barely been able to read either, though I have a couple more books to add to the "read in 2007" list. For now, however, I'm just writing to ask everyone to have patience. I have so many comments to try to catch up on! And so many blog entries! However, over the next week I'll try to work my way back into the swing of things. Until then, happy reading!


iliana said...

Hey congrats on graduating! Had you mentioned that already? Sorry, I can't remember. Have fun with your family :)

Melanie said...

Tell me about it!! Congratulations on graduating - hope you've been having a wonderful time!

MyUtopia said...

Sounds stressful!