Saturday, July 28, 2007

Counting Was Never My Strong Suit

So, I swear when I logged in to write a post last time, Blogger told me it was my 100th. But now looking at my published blog, it says that was only post #97. Whoops. Good thing that this is a reading blog and not a math one.

My new spreadsheet has inspired me to work harder at my TBR list. There was hardly any non-fiction on it! So, a la the attempt I made in February, I made a concerted effort to dig up interesting non fiction books. And boy, did I succeed! Including Feb's list, and ones I currently own, I now have 115 non-fic books that look interesting. Isn't that awesome? I've already mooched five of them, in preparation for a personal non-fic challenge. I plan on making a non-fic book pile to kick the challenge off in a month or two. This is all in support of my New Year's reso to read more non-fic. If people want, I'll happily post the list for others who like reading random non-fic. It won't be linked though-that'd be awful, trying to link 115 books.

I'm preparing for the Poetry Challenge, which starts tomorrow. Am rather terrified, but I have my first post written. Am very worried that the other participants are all literary types that will put me to shame. Am reminding myself that challenges are supposed to stretch one.

I'm going to try to get the review of Delta Wedding up later tonight. That way, I won't have to worry about it while I'm trying to finish up the Summer Reading Challenge and do the Poetry Challenge this week. It was such a good book, it deserves a glowing review.

I'm rambling. I think it's in response to attempting to analyse Blake.


Lisa said...

Post the list! We know how to use

Eva said...

Lisa, I'll post the list at some point this week then. :)