Sunday, July 8, 2007


I tore through The Woman in White-finished it in less than 24 hours. Expect a positive review shortly. :) Right now, I'm trying to figure out where to go next. Delta Wedding? I'm not sure the weather's right for a Mississippi adventure. Another classic? I doubt it'll live up to The Woman in White. I'm enjoying The Door, but it's not grabbing me by the collar and making me read it. So, what to do? I'm opening it up to you guys! If you had the choice, would you read
The Eyre Affair
Bel Canto
The Virgin in the Garden
The Little Country
for fiction?
and for non-fiction
Wild Swans
Galileo's Daughter
Nickel and Dimed
The Assassin's Gate

Thanks in advance for the input. :) And enjoy the latest book pile! Some of these I mooched, but I bought The Assassin's Gate (20% off coupon), Arsinian Tales (on clearance), and Wormwood (ditto) at B&N. Are any of you guys reading great books right now? I'm going to the library tomorrow, so feel free to add some other suggestions. :)


Gentle Reader said...

Well, I've only read Bel Canto from that list, and I really enjoyed it. But The Eyre Affair and Galileo's Daughter both sound really interesting, and I'd like to read them, too. This is a pretty good list, can't imagine going wrong with any of these books :)

Sarah said...

I love The Woman In White as well, and am looking forward to reading antoher Collins books (No Name) in the near future.

If I were you, I'd read The Virgin in the Garden as it's thoughfully and lyrically written or the Eyre Affair (which is in my TBR pile at the moment, and a good excuse to re-read Jane Eyre).

Imani said...

You know I'm a big Byatt fan so automatically I'd go for her novel, but I recently received The Assassin's Gate as a gift and wouldn't mind reading your thoughts about that either.

Melanie said...

"No Name" is a great Wilkie Collins, and I've also recently read and loved "Armadale".

As for your stack, I'd say "Virgin in the Garden" for some great writing; "Little Country" for a fun read. And non-fiction, "Wild Swans". Just my opinion!

danielle said...

I loved Woman in White, too, but it took me much longer to read! LOL. I have just started Armadale, which will also be a longer read for me, but I am looking forward to it! I would love to read more AS Byatt. I have read Wild Swans--excellent, and very different than the Collins, if you are looking for a big change of pace!