Sunday, July 1, 2007

Spring in Review (and the promised bookmooch pile pic)

Wow! Half of 2007 is gone; how weird is that? Anyway, it's time to look back at this quarter of the year and check out my reading and blogging!

Total: 45
Non-Fic: 13
Audio: 3
New Authors: 31
Women Authors: 20
African Lit: 1
East Asian Lit: 2
Auto/Bios/Memoirs Read: 4
Five Star Books: 11
One or Two Star Books: 6

Reviews Published: 19
Entries Made: 40
Challenges Completed: 4
Challenges Participated In: 7

So, I still haven't achieved my 3:2 fic:nonfic ratio, but at least I've kept it at about 3:1. I'll try to focus more on non-fiction; there is a lot of non-fiction that sounds interesting, but usually it takes me longer to read non-fic than fic. That inevitably skews the ratio! I've done well in the memoirs/bio category, but need to work on African lit and East Asian lit. Maybe I'll organise another Reading Across Borders challenge for myself. I read more 5 star books and the same about of 1 or 2 star books, so apparently I'm getting better at picking out books I'll love! I enjoyed 87% of the books I've picked up since March, which is definitely a good thing. :) As far as blogging, look at how many more challenges I've done! This might explain the tendency to burn out, but I do like how challenges get me to direct my reading. Perhaps the increase in challenges explains the increase in good books? I've done pretty well keeping up with the blog, and posting reviews. I'm behind right now, but I hope to fix that soon. I'm thinking about doing mini-reviews, where I talk about 2 or 3 books that I've read recently, but that I don't have the time to pay a lot of attention to (i.e.-they're not challenge books). This would fix the fact that I've reviewed less than half of the books I've read-that's the most concerning statistic from this quarter for me.

The best part of this quarter was discovering Book Mooch! And in honor of that, here is the bookpile of this week's acquisitions.

Well, that about wraps up this quarterly review. :) I'm going to start July off with a bang as far as reviews go, so watch this space!


Imani said...

Good for you on even trying to keep up with reviews -- I don't bother now and just post as many as I can get it, when I can. Goodee for the Byatt in your book pile. Have you read or other novel/s and what did you think of them? She's one of my favourites.

Nancy said...

WOW! I have never broke down my reading into to stats like this. Impressive. And, I liked seeing all those five star books.

I love Pillars of the Earth. I just got Case Histories from the library. I hope it lives up to the hype.

iliana said...

You are doing great! I need to do my June stats post soon. I like how you also broke it down by "new" authors.