Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Won, I Won!

I never win anything, but I won a book in a drawing for the Summer Mystery Challenge hosted by Reviewed by Liz. Very exciting!

I finished Emma and The Door: expect reviews up soon. :) In the meantime, I was reading in my backyard the other morning, and I decided to take a picture. :)

The view.

My favourite mug. I bought it last year-it's handcrafted and *huge*. I drink tea out of it almost every morning! Do you guys have favourite mugs? The ones that make you feel happy, because they fit your hand perfectly, and hold enough tea/coffee that you never run out, and are gorgeous to boot? I'm always on the lookout for another great mug... I've had my eye on the one at Starbucks that says "Shhh-I'm reading" for awhile now!


Petunia said...

I would love a yard like that, and so would my kiddos. It would be littered with toys.

I don't have any special mugs. That kind-of makes me feel sad. I guess I'll be looking out for something that just screams my name.

Nancy said...


Nice yard.

Yes, I am drinking from it now. I love starting my day with "MY" mug.

Poodlerat said...

That is one gorgeous mug.

Yup, it's the one mug no one else is allowed to use. Ever.

Gentle Reader said...

Great backyard--what a nice picture! Our yard is filled with plastic toys--yuck! And the mug is great. I'm on the lookout for the perfect large mug, too...I like the sound of the Starbucks one!

iliana said...

I love your mug. I have a Barnes & Noble mug - the one with the pic of all the authors - that I use quite a lot. I'm still looking for the perfect mug though :)

Dewey said...

My favorite mug is just a bit bigger than my other mugs (the ones that are too big end up hurting my hand/wrist when they're full, because I have fibromyalgia) and it has Van Gogh's Irises on it. There used to be a Starry Night mug, too, but it was broken.

Bookie said...

Oh yay, you won a prize! Your yard and mug look lovely! My morning mug is a styrofoam cup from the Shell station. OY. I really need to upgrade.

MyUtopia said...

Congrats! How exciting.

Erin said...

That's your backyard?? Incredible.

Eva said...

Petunia, it's fun, but we just moved here last year and the house had been unused for awhile, so the grass isn't really soft yet. Good luck finding that special mug!

Nancy, I love starting the day with my mug as well. If I can't for some reason, the day just doesn't feel as good.

Poodlerat, no one even thinks of using my mug-they're terrified that they would break it!

Gentle Reader, our yard has some plastic toys on the patio (I have an 18 month old niece who lives with us), but I just didn't include that part in the picture. ;)

Iliana, I know what mug you're talking about-it's pretty!

Dewey, I have fibro as well, so there are some days when I can't use the huge mug. However, one of the reasons it's my favourite is that I can wrap my hand around it instead of using the handle, which helps. The Irises mug sounds super pretty!

Bookie, they are so many fun travel mugs nowadays! My travel thermos is Longhorn orange-I got it for Christmas, and I love it.

Myutopia, I was very excited. My sister's the lucky one in the family, so I was very surprised.

Erin, I just graduated college, so I'm living with my parents for awhile (I'm in the process of joining the Peace Corps). My dad's in the Air Force, so we're living on the Air Force Academy, which explains the backyard. :)