Monday, January 8, 2007

Chunkster Challenge...

So I just spent an hour trying to determine my list for the Chunkster Challenge. I wanted to do 6 books in 6 months, preferably without Classics overlap, half non-fic. You wouldn't think that would take a lot of effort, would you?

However, I've realised that I read too many chunkster books. I visited *every* other participant's blog, and most of the books that looked really good I had already read. lol I think I was also just in a fussy mood. So, I ended up giving up with only four: the rest will be arranged. I know one of them is going to be some kind of historical fiction; I haven't read any in awhile, and I'm craving the genre.

Here are the four:
Che Guevara by Jon Lee Andersen
Virginia Woolf by Hermione Lee
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
The Forest by Edward Rutherfurd

I'll add the Chunkster button/link to the side later...right now I am internet-ed out.

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