Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'd rather be reading...

Argh. Don't you hate it when you feel guilty for reading for pleasure? I'm a college senior, and at my school we have an 'honors program' for (crazy) seniors who would like to do a year-long independent research project. The project culminates in around a 100-page research paper and an oral defence.

Well, for some reason, I decided that this was a good idea. So here I am in mid-January, embarking on the writing phase of the project. And it's going vvveeerrryyy slowly. I truly enjoyed the research phase during the fall(my school also has three terms, instead of two semesters, so the year's divided a little differently). But now, it's been difficult for me to actually sit down and write, instead of picking up some books from my TBR pile and calling it a day. Regular classes don't induce this kind of guilt-you follow the syllabus, and you're good. But independent study means self-motivation. And that's very difficult with so many exciting books sitting in the corner of my vision, calling to me.

I suppose I should stop procrastinating. Just wondering if anyone else shares these kinds of frustrations!

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