Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Resolving that....

In the spirit of the new year, I've developed a few reading resolutions for 2007.

  • Record all books read.
  • Read enough nonfiction to keep my fic:nonfic ratio 3:2.
  • Read ten auto/biographies.
  • Read more African and East Asian lit.
  • Keep this blog up to date.
  • Participate in some online blogging challenges.

Recently, I discovered the book blogging community. Imagine my shock and excitement to find people who love reading as much as I do! Oh joy! So, this blog is my attempt to join that community. I'm looking forward to it. However, right now I have to pack (back to college tomorrow), so for now that's it.


BookGirl said...

Hi Eva - So glad you stopped by my blog! I am a huge fan of mysteries but I haven't read the Laurie King's Mary Russell series. I did read one from another series. I'm blanking out on the name right now. Anyway, I'll definitely add these on my TBR list.

And congrats on starting your book blog. I've had mine for 2 1/2 years and it's been fantastic. I never get tired of talking about books. There really is a wonderful community so I hope you enjoy it.

booklogged said...

Welcome to the book blogging community. I think you will be surprised, as I was, to discover how fun blogging can be. I started out just thinking I'd use my blog to record my books. Little did I know that my list of "friends" was going to grow. Not to mention the length of my TBR list. TBR=to be read.