Sunday, January 14, 2007

Opinions Wanted I just wandered over to Wordpress, and noticed that they have free blog hosting as well. (I thought that wordpress charged) So, for those that have experience with both blogger and wordpress, which do you prefer? And why?

P.S.-in case you've read the post before this, no I'm not procrastinating. I've written five more pages since then, bringing me within a page and a half of my necessary quota for this week. So I'm rewarding myself. Yes, I have descended to the depths of bribery.


litlove said...

I've been with wordpress since I started blogging, and I have to say they are very good indeed. If you have any problem with your site, the support system folk are very quick to respond, and the software writers are continually adding new features and upgrading the old ones. I'm certainly a fan.

Pierre said...

Wordpress seems less buggy to me, and like litlove said, their support system is excellent. It's just really stable, and the community is great.