Friday, October 12, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and...

I'm too tired to write in real paragraphs, so here's what's going on in my head this Friday:

The Good: inspired by Chris' mention of the book review siteCurled Up with a Good Book, that offers free books in exchange for reviews, I submitted a sample. Today, I received an e-mail asking me to pick out a few books that they'll send my way!

The Bad: just a few books? The list was really, really long, and there were a ton of good ones on there. Finally, I narrowed it down to six (3 fic, 3 non-fic) that all sound enjoyable.

The Ugly: now, I have to (im)patiently wait for the books to arrive.

Well, that one's mainly good I suppose. :)

The Good: since the weather is more fall-like, I've been drinking lots of hot tea and making soup!

The Bad: since the weather is more fall-like, I have an icky cold.

The Ugly: I got my nose pierced two weeks ago. And now I have a cold. I'll leave the rest up to you!

And with that, I'm off to finish the last twenty pages of So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. I received in the mail today after bookmooching it, and I've simply devoured it. Good book + hot tea + comfy bed = the cold isn't as bad as it could be.


meli said...

I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you know the best remedy...

Chris said...

Curled up is awesome! It took about a week for me to get the books and I got ten out of the twelve I had picked! Isn't that list something else?! Hope you enjoy!

My girlfriend also got a cold the same week she got her nose fun :( I wish you luck! Hers managed to survive and a few months later is doing fine!

tanabata said...

Yay for the fall weather, too bad about the cold. Hope you feel better soon!

Nymeth said...

I've been having lots of hot tea lately too... I love Autumn.

Curled Up really sounds like an awesome site. I would really like to join... I just wonder if it's for US residents only. Well, it doesn't say it is anywhere, so I guess it's worth a try!

Melanie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Tea and reading a great book make a cold bearable (just).

Booklogged said...

Loved your good, bad and ugly format. Sorry you are under the weather and hope you feel better soon. Glad to hear you rave about So Many Books because I just got a copy in the mail today. YAY!

heather (errantdreams) said...

Aieeee! The very thought of the cold under the circumstances... ow... ow... I hope you get over it quickly!

Grats on the books! If I weren't behind on my own stack already I would have submitted a sample to them a while ago. But wisdom won out. I look forward to seeing your reviews up there!

Andi said...

Ha! That happened to me when I got my nose pierced, too. Must be nature trying to tell us something. Oh well, screw nature. :D

Eva said...

Meli, thanks!

Chris, you picked twelve books?! Wow-I cut myself off at six. :) It seems my nose piercing's survived.

Tanabata, thanks!

Nymeth, I love autumn as well. :) In the e-mail I got, it definitely mentioned Europe. So, I say go ahead and apply!

Melanie, thanks!

Booklogged, oh I bet you'll raise through it just like me!

Heather, thanks. :) I limited myself to six, and the review format is pretty short.

Andi, hehe-I agree! Screw nature! I love my piercing. :D

Dewey said...

I get to do the same thing with Curled Up with a Good Book! But the list was so long and overwhelming I just put it out of my mind til after the readathon when I have more time.

Clare said...

Hi Eva - just wishing fellow book-a-thonners good luck for tomorrow

Eva said...

Dewey, it is a very long list! I only clicked on ones whose titles sounded absolutely fascinating, or whose authors I recognised. Helped narrow it down. :)

Clare, thanks! I'll be making the rounds shortly. :)