Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hour Four

Really? Have I already done four hours of reading? Time sure does fly! It feels like just a moment ago I was cracking open the first page. :)

I spend all of this hour with The Kitchen Boy, which is proving to be immensely satisfying. I'm over half way done with it, and I smell a twist or two coming! We'll have to see though. ;)

The mini-challenge for this hour is running for the entire read-a-thon, which is good because it's a big one (w/ a big prize of $20 at Amazon)-read for one hour in a language that isn't your native tongue. I have books in French and Russian, so I'll definitely be participating (right now I'm leaning towards my Chekhov short stories or my little book of Tolstoy collections), but I'm not up for it right now. I'm not bilingual, and written Russian (esp. pre-USSR lit) is quite different from spoken Russian, so it takes a bit of concentration. Should be worth it, though!

Books Read (this hour): The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander
Pages Read (cum.): 458
Books Completed: 1 (Tithe by Holly Black)
Mini-Challenges Participated In: 3


Sarah M Dillon said...

Eva, it sounds like you have an excellent set of choices for your mini-challenge. I look forward to hearing which you go for. Well done on setting out to challenge yourself too, it can be quite tiring to read in another language no matter how fluent you are, but it's so satisfying to view the world through another set of eyes! Have fun :) Sarah

alisonwonderland said...

you're reading much, much faster than i am! :o)

Nymeth said...

Ooh, I've heard great things about The Kitchen Boy. I look forward to your final review!

Eva said...

Sarah, thanks-I agree that reading in another language is very satisfying.

Alison, I'm also reading much, much lighter books!

Nymeth, the great things were well deserved! I'm not going to do a full, full review until later this week, but I did a little review in Hour Five. :)

Chris said...

Wow, you're doing great and I love your updates.

Keep it up!

Cheerleader Chris

Eva said...

Chris, thanks! You're a great cheerleader. :)