Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hour Twenty

At this point, I'd say that we all just kick ass. :) Even if we're grumpy, or only reading 2 pages an hour, or can't type to save our lives. Go readers! The cheerleaders are also kicking some serious ass...they're spending their time making us feel more special! And doing such a good job of it! Go cheerleaders!

I've spent the last hour reading the first book in Alexander McCall Smith's newest detective series, The Sunday Philosophy Club. It revolves around Isabel Dalhousie (love her name), an early forties-something single intellectual living in Edinburgh. So far, her niece (Cat, early twenties) and housekeeper (Grace, late forties) have been the most important supporting characters. It's a nice, soothing read; Isabel has cooked a mushroom risotto ("Cooking in a temper required caution with the pepper, as one might put far too much in and ruin a risotto in sheer pique."), sang duets with an ex-flame of her niece's (which I find endlessly amusing), and of course solved some crossword puzzles. I'm enjoying it!

Now for this hour's mini-challenge: a haiku based on one of the characters...

precocious vampire-
be careful!

Based on the main character from Marked. Cut me some slack-I've been up forever!
ETA: I'm an idiot. I thought haikus wre 3-5-3, but they're 5-7-5. Oy. How about...
Zooey-though you are
quite a precocious vampire,
you must still take care.

Books Read (this hour): The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith
Pages Read (cum.): 1595
Books Completed: 5 (Tithe by Holly Black, The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander, The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie, Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson, Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast)
Stories Read: 2 ("The Death of a Government Clerk" and "The Sly Little Boy" by Anton Chekhov)
Mini-Challenges Participated In: 13


Andreea said...

I'm impressed you even got to write a haiku at all, let alone not a bad one :)

I slept for a lot of hours and I couldn't think of any haiku to save my life, let alone one on a given topic :)

Dewey said...

I am trying to read this by my eyes don't want to cooperate! But I came to tell you no, the 3 books were the Hour 16 prize, and the Hour 17 prize is a future book and I explained it all on my blog under your comment. AND IT MADE TOTAL SENSE. You may not agree, but if you look at it with a fresh eye tomorrow morning you will nod and agree.

Eva said...

Andreea, turns out I messed up!

Dewey, I believe you! Promise. :D

Nymeth said...

I really need to give the Alexander McCall Smith series a try!