Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hour One

Whew-Tithe was definitely a good chocie to start off with; I'm racing through it. An interesting plot, plus big type and small pages make me feel like I'm really achieving something! At first, I was turned off by the writing style (not as polished as I would've liked), but once I relaxed I found myself enjoying the story enough to overlook it. Now I want to get back to it, so without further ado,

Books Read: Tithe by Holly Black
Pages Read: 132
Books Completed: 0
Mini-Challenges Participated In: 1

ETA: From now on, I'll check Dewey's blog *before* my own post. She has a neat mini-challenge up, and the book I'm reading is set in New Jersey (well, and faerieland, lol). Five interesting facts (via Wikipedia):
1. The Swedes and Dutch were first to settle the area.
2. Washington wintered there twice during the Revolution.
3. There are about 8.7 people living in NJ, creating a population density of 1,175/sq mile (the highest in the nation!).
4. A lot of oil refineries are there-6 major ones that process about 728,000 barrels a day.
5. Same-sex couples can have civil unions in New Jersey (as of Feb 2007).


Nyssaneala said...

Glad to hear your first choice is turning out to be a good one! Big type at 7am is definitely a good thing!

Cheerleader Alisia

Eva said...

Alisia, agreed!

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

I'm finding that it's definitely good to start with a YA book. And I really enjoyed Tithe (I haven't read Black's other books, but hear that they're even better, each one improving upon the last).

Dewey said...

That must have been some cold wintering for Washington! Brr.

I will add "start with YA book" to my Tips for Readers for next year! Since you and Jason agree.

iliana said...

Hey Eva just wanted to pop in and say good luck! Is Tithe a YA book?

Eva said...

Jason, I agree! I enjoyed it as well, but I saw room for improvement, so it's nice to hear that Black's books get better!

Dewey, yet another reason I'm glad I didn't live in the 18th century! I think that is a good tip to add.

Iliana, yep-it is. And lots of fun as well! Thanks for saying hi. :)