Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hour Two

I'm sooo close to being done with Tithe, but the high-paced plotting has slowed down a little. So, I wanted to do my blogging break early this hour, and I think I'm going to go get some more caffeine (last night I didn't get too much sleep; probably not a good way to prepare for a 24 hour challenge!)

First off, this hour Dewey has challenged everyone to visit Becky and Athena this hour. I'm not sure if Becky's still doing the readathon (no posts up about it), but she is signing up for a Hometown Challenge. It sounds really neat, but since I don't have a hometown (Air Force brat), I'll be skipping it! Athena's in the middle of the latest Thursday Next book (First Among Sequels), which I'm totally jealous of. I've read the first two in the series, and if Fforde keeps improving, I'm sure 3-5 are great as well!

Now, for some stats.

Books Read" Tithe by Holly Black
Pages Read (cum.): 257
Books Completed: 0
Mini-Challenges Participated In: 2


Clare said...

Hi Eva. I like your tally idea - think I'll have a go at something like that - keeps you on track.

Carrie K said...

Go, Eva!

Andreea said...

Hello and thank you for dropping by at my blog :)

I absolutely love your posts for the mini-challenges, good job!

Happy reading :)

Carrie K said...

Oh, and after Tithe, Good Omens? Or the Charles DeLint novel?

BookGal said...

Have a great time reading today!

Chris said...

Damn Eva! You might have that whole stack read by the end of the day, lol! You're a much faster reader than me. So what's up next?

3M said...

Just checking in with you while I take a break. I'm reading Lisey's Story and enjoying it.

Eva said...

Clare, thanks! Do you have a blog? The link isn't showing up in your comment. :(

Carrie, thanks! I'm saving the Good Omens for late in the day, when I'm crazy exhausted. And I'm planning on the deLint in the late afternoon-ish. Obviously, you're a fantasy fan!

Andreea, thanks for stopping by mine! Glad you enjoyed the mini-challenges. :)

Bookgal, thanks! So far I am. :D

Chris, hehe-we'll see. I tried to pick a lot of books that I knew would be fast reads. :) Usually, I'm not this fast though; I average between 60 and 100 pages/hr depending on the style.

3M, glad you're enjoying your book! I'll be popping over to your blog soon. :D

Dewey said...

Becky's reading! She has some posts about it further down, but she's also posting during reading breaks. She reviews kidlit, so there may be lots of reviews as she reads through the day.

Eva said...

Dewey, thanks for letting me know. :) When I visited, she hadn't posted anything yet.